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RSK-Software - Zaikio Connector

By datamedia GmbHMIS/ERP
One MIS for all requirements - RSK-Software!
RSK is a standard software that can be customised to create a tailor-made MIS for any company. Due to its modular structure, the software grows with the requirements.
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As a modern and modular industry software, RSK software covers a broad requirement profile for the business and technical control of companies in the graphic arts industry. The modules allow access to their own functions through interfaces and provide the basis for workflow, automation and integration.

Top features

Improvement of the operational organization

By analyzing your existing processes, we standardize and optimize your processes. The results are: increased productivity and a sustainable increase in profitability.

Optimal support for our customers

With a wealth of experience in the industry, we customize our package to meet your needs with simple configurations. We develop business processes in all areas of your company.

Standardization of the operational organization

By using current information and communication technology, well thought-out processes that have been previously established with you can be adhered to.

Reducing the workload through automation

Your employees are relieved by well-structured routine tasks and a minimum of error potential. The workflow editor supports the structuring of processes that are constantly being adapted.

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