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calibrate workflow consulting GmbH

App Developer from Austria

About the vendor

Print 4.0 - that easy.
Calibrate from Austria provides process automation in the production of print media worldwide. Calibrate Radix builds a link between service, software and development. By collecting all available metadata about the requierements, any further processes can be fully automated. In the manwhile, you can focus on the success of your business.

The solution is aimed, in part, at companies that require PDF processing in the cloud. The Calibrate networkers simplify workflows and are seen as the automation enablers. In doing so, their thinking of Print 4.0 is quite simple.

  • Radix Preflight Engine offers fully automated correction and preflight
  • Radix Translate is the interface between various systems
  • Radix Prepare makes sure that your files files are print ready, depending on the required printing process

The company achieves its expertise through active participation in national and international committees such as PDFX-ready, the Ghent Workgroup, the European Color Initiative and the CIP4 Consortium.