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About the vendor

Packitoo is a French software editor for the cardboard packaging industry. Packitoo aims at helping packaging converters improve their sales efficiency, by digitalizing their complex process for customized packaging productions.

In 2019, Packitoo launched HIPE, the first CPQ - Configure Price Quote - system that help packaging converters (folding and corrugated cardboard) quote complex and configurable products. Built as a SaaS (Sofware-as-a-Service) solution, HIPE adapts itself to each converters capabilities.

As an intuitive cross-platform configurator, HIPE can be used by the internal teams (sales rep, sales assistants, cost estimators, structural designers) as well as by the clients directly, either through a restricted portal or freely on the web.

Interested in making your sales process more efficient, quicker and simpler ? Then join Packitoo community of packaging converters 4.0.

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